patsy open cage


Our Beagle Dog

Arthur the beagle lives at Nido. In human years he is eight. The thing he spends most time doing is sleeping and snoring, but the thing he loves doing most is eating, especially doggie treats. When he is a good boy, he gets a doggie treat, so he is very, very good!

Arthur regularly comes downstairs to say hello when he wakes up, the children adore him, and he laps up the attention. He warns us when there is someone at the door (very loudly sometimes!) and can usually be found dozing at the top of the stairs, keeping one eye on us all.

He is the most warm and affectionate dog ever and we love him to bits.

It is a proven fact that having a dog in the home, boosts your immune system, is good for companionship and mental health, teaches compassion and how to nurture animals, and the children just love taking him for a walk and getting some fresh air and exercise!


Our Parakeet

Patsy is a parakeet. A stunning, vivid green parakeet who has lived at Nido for two years. She was handed in to my auntie Nicola, who is a Vet in South London, having been found abandoned in a box on top of a bin.

We met Patsy at a family BBQ and immediately fell in love with her. She was in her new home within 48 hours. The “unable to fly” beautiful parakeet turned out to be temporary, she was just out of practice. In a matter of weeks, Patsy had remembered how to do it. We recently moved Patsy upstairs because her chirping and squawking was keeping the children awake at sleep time. We let her out whenever she wants, and she tells us by pulling at the door on her cage. She goes back into her cage whenever she is ready. This can range from 20 minutes to 2 days! She chats and sings all day long and is a joy to have around.

We do not know how old she is, but she must have been quite young when she came to us because she has changed so much in two years!


Our fish

The final link in our animal chain is Yogi the gold(ish) fish. Yogi is approximately six human years old and has the whole tank to himself now. He had a tank mate called Bobby for a few years, but Bobby died of old age. We gave Bobby a grand Viking burial, setting him adrift on the river Adur in a tiny wooden longship with a candle.

Yogi does not say much but he always comes to the front of the tank to see you if you go near the tank, think Cleo the fish in Pinocchio, and he gets more excited about dinner time than Arthur does. He will eat his food off your finger if you let him! Yogi lives in the Nido room and there is a chair in front of the tank so that the children can sit and watch him float around.