Little did I know that, when I obtained my First Class Distinction in Montessori teaching whilst living in Dublin more than a decade ago, I’d finally get to open and successfully grow an affordable Montessori setting and community in my own area. It has always been a dream of mine.


Here is my WHY…

In 2013, my husband Ben, our son Jacob and I relocated from London to Brighton.

Jacob was three years old at the time and was, and still is, an energetic boy.

He joined a Montessori school in Brighton and he flourished.

Where, previously when around groups of children he was prone to charging around screaming and shouting, he became calm and caring.

He also began to use beautiful language, and would talk about helping people, sharing and being kind. I believe that this was due to the freedom he had to move around the classroom making his own choices, and the Grace and Courtesy groups that would take place throughout the day.

He would also spend lots of time outside in the fresh air and started to understand, love and respect nature. I have experienced this positive behaviour in many children time and again.

After two years at Montessori school, Jacob moved on to a main stream infant school. Although he struggled with the limited choices and lack of outdoor activities, his Montessori education has given him the resilience and confidence to explain his dislikes through talking to his teachers and friends in a calm manner.

Jacob is an August baby, and so is, in some cases, almost a full year younger than his class mates, but he displays an ability to negotiate and communicate beyond that of many of his peers.


I truly believe that this accredited to him starting his education journey in a Montessori inspired setting.


Witnessing the positive influence that a Montessori education has had on my own child, and others that I have taught throughout my career, I am even more determined to help other children and their families benefit from it, without them having to pay out more than they can afford.

This is why my aim is to make Nido Montessori affordable to ALL families. There are many Montessori pre-schools in the UK but they are predominantly set up in affluent areas and the fees are usually a lot higher than mainstream child care settings.


In summary, Nido is a safe, happy, challenging and inspirational environment that is available to children from all social and economic backgrounds.


Maria Montessori’s vision should be accessible to all, not just to those with the financial freedom to “choose” it.