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Welcome to Nido Montessori

Nido is the Italian word for ‘nest’.

Our ‘Nest’ at Nido Montessori is a beautiful, nurturing, flexible and affordable Montessori childcare setting for children of mixed ages.


What is Montessori?

It’s a way of learning, designed by Dr. Maria Montessori, whose key principles were that learning should be based around independence, observation, following the child’s lead, and preparing the environment for an absorbent mind.

Nido prides itself on having lots of self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play, and the children absolutely love spending time here, often asking if they can sleepover!

When children are given the freedom to move around their environment and choose their own work, it really makes them feel independent and this is where their love of learning can begin.

The children at Nido enjoy unlimited access to a secure garden, filled with lots of activities and things to learn about, plus they also have daily visits to the local parks.


Our Team at Nido

They say ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and never has it been more true than it is here.

We have an excellent team at Nido’s; the founder, Dionne, has a First Class Distinction in Montessori teaching, plus, a level 3 in Early Years, and is about to embark on a BA Honours in Early Childhood degree. She is always coming up with ways to expand the children’s learning and experience.

Witnessing the positive influence that a Montessori education had on her own child, and others that she has taught throughout her career, made Dionne even more determined to help other children and their families to benefit from it, without them having to pay out more than they can afford.

This is her ‘why’ for starting Nido Montessori and fulfilling her dream of making it affordable and accessible to all families.

Check out our team page to find out more about the staff that work here at Nido.

Experience and knowledge are crucial when working with children to help them to reach their full potential, and Nidos has that in abundance, along with a unique way of working around the children and encouraging them to help one another.

We also believe in looking after our bodies; we plan our monthly menus to include delicious, home-cooked, plant-based food, which is assessed by a local nutritionist and keeps us all feeling fit and healthy.

All of the children love the meals at Nido, and we always oblige requests for seconds!


Your child’s education

Nido uses one of the world’s most advanced early-education systems specifically tailored to Montessori settings – My Montessori Child. Parent’s often report that they love to receive the email updates and pictures, sent to them when an observation is made, it gives you a little bit of insight into their day, and something to talk about when the children are collected.

The MMC system records observations and intelligently turns them into learning insights, next-step ideas, teaching plans, and statutory reports.

Parents can view their child’s profile and learning progress at any time, and you will also be contacted regularly about your child’s development, and given the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.


Environment is key

The environment, at Nido, has been carefully prepared for each child to feel safe and comfortable, enabling them to reach their full potential.

Each child is accorded the same respect, dignity, trust, and patience as an adult. This does wonders for their mental health and self-esteem.


Mixed-aged groups work really well together in a Montessori environment.

  • Hatchlings (the youngest children) are gently introduced to the Montessori materials. They are also introduced to the other children and the adults until they feel secure, confident, and safe in the community. They then move onto the next stage, Nestlings.
  • Nestlings children are enjoying the freedom of the spontaneous, joyful, and purposeful environment. They then become Fledglings.
  • Fledglings (the eldest children) inspire, guide, and protect the younger ones.

This is explained in more detail in the Your Child section on the

My Montessori Child website.



If you plant a seed, water it daily and give it lots of light, you nurture it until it is ready to be transplanted outside.

At Nido, we promise to nurture your child. Care for them. Keep them safe. Make them laugh. Build their confidence, independence and resilience.

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At Nido, we aim to excite your child into action. We use grace and courtesy groups, art, singing and dancing. We also marvel at the World around us by visiting unexpected places and frequent local parks. This organically leads to confidence and independence enabling your child to breeze through to the next stage of development.



At Nido, the Montessori approach to learning and development is carefully linked with the underlying principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Each of the Montessori materials fall in to one of the seven areas of learning preparing the children for their future.

The areas of learning are:

Communication and Language

Physical Developement

Personal, Social and Emotional Development



Understanding the World

Expressive arts and design


One of the most vital teaching tools available to Montessori teachers is observation. Scientifically applied observation skills allow the practitioner to assess situations, children and strategies without judgement. Observation is a critical component of lesson planning and management of the environment.