In the next stage (Nestlings) children are enjoying the freedom of the spontaneous, joyful and purposeful environment. They navigate the setting confidently and take pride in keeping it in order. They are forming friendships and are beginning to help the younger children too. They would have mastered the Practical Life materials and will begin to show an interest in the Sensorial materials

Sensorial materials will develop your child’s sensory motor activities and will enable him to form new concepts through his five senses. During this stage your child will be carefully observed so that he concentrates on learning one thing at a time and at his own pace. He will gradually move on to more complicated tasks.

Once an adult has presented these materials to your child he can be left to practice on his own. Experimenting with them until he is ready to return them to the shelf. Ready for the next child to use them. All of the Sensorial materials have a built in ‘Control of Error’ so that your child can correct his own mistakes. This promotes auto-education which we believe is more effective than being taught by another person.

The design and presentation of the materials promote self-discipline and the satisfactory completion of a task serves as the reward.

The Sensorial materials are beautiful to look at too, which will encourage all of the children to take good care of them.

The type of materials your child will use during this stage of develop are as follows:

  • The Knobbed Cylinders
  • The Pink Tower
  • The Red Rods
  • The Knobless Cylinders
  • Colour Boxes
  • Mystery Bags
  • Geometric Tray
  • Geometric Solids


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