The Older children (Fledglings) inspire, guide and protect the younger ones. They are also preparing to graduate and move on to their next educational adventure. They are beginning to show an interest in the language and mathematical materials and the world beyond their friends and family.


By the time your child begins the Montessori Mathematical materials, he would have already had plenty of experience with the pre-mathematics exercises within the Sensorial area of learning. Such as the Spindle box that teaches the value of  zero and the Long Rods that teach length and gradation.


The whole time your child is at Nido they will be developing their language. They will also develop their speech and enhance their listening techniques. Such as playing the ‘I Spy’ game, and News Time. They will also begin to develop reading and writing skills using the pre-language Montessori development materials. The children at this stage of development really enjoy using the Sandpaper letters, Metal Insets and Moveable Alphabet in addition to many more of the materials,

In addition to Mathematics and Language, your child will begin to work with a number of Montessori materials that will teach them about the World around us, including caring for our bodies, animals and the environment. They will also participate in regular science experiments such as, sink or float and the erupting volcano.