The environment has been created by using five key elements.


The children have the freedom of choice. All of the materials are on display on low open shelves. Each laid out on a small, easy to carry, tray. This gives the children the empowerment to choose their own work and carry it to their own space to enjoy.

Structure and order

The materials are arranged in order of difficulty or the degree of complication. Always from top left to bottom right. Just as we read and write. All of the materials are in good condition and anything that is broken is removed immediately for repair with the children or it is replaced. The children are encouraged to return the materials to its place when they are finished with it. Often using the phrase ‘to make it ready for the next child’.

Coco using Apple Cutter

An emphasis on reality

All of the equipment in the environment is real. The refrigerator, cooker, washing machine and sink. Nourishing food is prepared by the children using authentic equipment. Real knives are used for chopping fruit and vegetables. Stainless steel cutlery and crockery are used to serve and enjoy food. Ceramic jugs are used to pour fruit juice and water into glasses. What child needs a toy kitchen if they have access to a real one!

A love for Nature

There is direct access to a secluded garden for the children to explore and enjoy. Plants, animals and insects are studied and cared for by the children. We discuss the weather and changes to the environment daily. Noticing different colours, smells and temperatures in the garden and the World around us.

A place to play

At Nido your child will have direct access to a lovely garden. The garden is equipped with water and sand play, a tipi, a shaded reading area and a variety of outdoor games. There is a mud kitchen/ mud shop and a bug hotel too.

There is also a great indoor play space, which the children have named ‘The Den’. It is a great all year round play area, which has direct access to the house and garden. In the den there are a variety of games, construction materials, comfy bean bags and blankets. The older children really love to hang out here and often designate it as an adult free zone.


Play Areas